Pre-Order Tickets

Skip the lines at the chili cook off by pre-ordering your tickets and picking them up at will-call the day of the event.

Saturday, October 12th

Click the link below to purchase tickets. Tickets are sold in sets of 10. Each ticket is worth $1.

Helpful Tips:

  • Small Chili = $2
  • Large To-Go Chili = $5
  • Most individuals plan on $10/person for a good tasting of chili.
  • If you’re not sure how much chili you’ll eat, you can always buy more tickets at the event.
  • Each packet of 10 tickets comes with a set of voting stubs, so you can cast your vote on the Best Booth and the Best Tasting Chili.

100% of the money raised from ticket sales goes toward funding the Burn Camp programs. This is because of our generous sponsors and wonderful volunteers that make it happen.

Feel free to call for help completing your online registration.